Trauma and PTSD

I see how much trauma, big and small, impacts our lives and our ability to feel happy and fulfilled. I want to support you in both working through trauma and moving towards a life that is enriching and matters to you. I want to help you live a full life that isn't dictated by the impacts of trauma. I want to support you in discovering your strengths, resilience, and innate capacities.  Although working with trauma sometimes means hearing about the past, it also focuses on bringing your body and mind into the present moment, even as we work through the past.  It is in this present moment awareness that we can heal. We can come to know about specific patterns, emotions, and responses that got internalized and provide an opportunity for those to be worked through. In this way, your body, your mind, and your being can live in the here and now.

When we have early traumas it interrupts our ability to develop and learn about relationships, and makes it hard to have the close relationships we desire. Yet, just as we can learn a new skill, or a new language as an adult, we too can learn a new capacity for relationships. In helping your body and mind come into the present moment we can explore how you attach and relate and make space for new ways of being in relationship to yourself and others.

The tools I use to support you in working through trauma include mindful awareness as well as increasing your capacity to track when triggered and resource yourself, and to develop an ability to live with more internal safety, stability, and ease. We will develop an ability to listen to your body and allow your body to complete actions that it didn't get to complete when trauma occurred. For more information on trauma informed therapy, see

Grief and Loss, Breakups, Divorce

I work with people who have experienced loss in relationships. This includes divorce, parent-child estrangements, and friendship breakups. All of our relationships are important and we can experience a wide range of feelings at the ending of any relationship, including those with siblings, friends, parents, children, or spouses. 

Often losses that don't fall into the category of divorce or a relationship breakup do not get the support and attention they need. I honor all of these losses and provide a space for people to work through, grieve, and find meaning in moving forward. I want to support you in finding a way to both feel, understand, and grow in your healing.

Tweens, Adolescents, and Young Adults

I work with adolescents (teenagers, transitional age youth (TAY)) to manage identity development, find ways to be connected with peers and come to know who you are. I want to support you to discover your path in social, educational, and professional capacities. I will support you in discovering what kinds of relationships you thrive in as well as what environments, both educational and professional, speak to your innate skills and capacities.

This is often a pivotal and difficult time with lots of choices and an abundance of change. As a young adult or late adolescent you may be beginning to discover more clarity about yourself and finding your own voice and internal compass. I will provide a space of supportive inquiry for you to turn inward and hear yourself - to be able to turn down the external noise from peers, media, teachers, etc., and to learn about what matters from the inside.

Older Adults (65 and older)

I work with older adults seeking to make meaning and find support as they transition from a life of work and intensive responsibilities to a life that is more focused on joy, meaning, and connection with others. Often this transition can come with joy and sometimes a sense of loss or confusion about what is meaningful as work and external obligations sometimes lessen. I offer a space for people to both reflect on their life, the changes they are undergoing, and how they want to make meaning moving forward, as well as to identify and resolve experiences and relationships that may feel unfinished from the past. I am a Medicare provider and am happy to work with your Medicare plan.