Why I do this work. . .

I do this work because I don’t want you to keep suffering as a result of painful things that happened long ago. I know the impact of trauma and our early relationships as children can lead to longstanding patterns that interfere with our capacity to have satisfying and stable relationships as adults, no matter how badly we may want them.  

I do this work because I know it is possible to shift these patterns and develop relationships that feel meaningful. Relationships where you don’t have to contort yourself to keep the other person around. Rather, you can be fully yourself with all your needs and feelings and trust that people will still love you.

I do this work because I know we all develop strategies to bear painful, scary, and unbearable experiences growing up. I also know there is more to each of us than our strategies and I want to help those parts of you grow..   

I do this work because I know that the longstanding impact of trauma can often make it feel like we have lost touch with ourselves. I believe, and know from my own experience, that it is possible to have full access to yourself again.

I do this work because I know people often live in silence about their internal pain and suffering. In my own experience I have been able to shift out of silence into a place where I deeply trust my own voice and its mattering. It’s not a loud ranting voice, but it is clear, and I know I can rely on it. I have a wish for everyone to hear that voice in themselves, to know that it matters, and be able to trust its guidance and wisdom.  

What to expect in the room with me . . .

You can expect to be deeply listened to, noticed, and understood. You can expect to experience a profound sense of acceptance and welcome for all parts of yourself, even the ones that may feel yucky, raw, ugly, or banished.  


You can expect to feel safe, valued, and honored. People who work with me often tell me they appreciate that I am able to be present and concerned about them without feeling like their friend. I know you have enough people in your life who will tell you what they think, offer you advice, and share their opinions. When you work with me you will find the space to hear yourself more fully.


You can expect to receive a deep respect for all the places you share including those that feel shameful, embarrassing, or unspeakable.


I have a strong presence that radiates my deep care, and it is apparent that I am right there with you in the room, even when I am not saying anything. I know when to jump in and I know when to let you keep talking.  


People have noticed my belief that everyone has the capacity to stand up tall in the world and speak for themselves, and if we work together I will consistently invite you to do that.


If you are ready for that invitation please reach out to me now at (415)-524-7502 or here


Professional Background and Certifications

I am a licensed clinical psychologist and received my doctorate degree from the California Institute of Integral Studies. My doctoral research investigated the impact of parental support on the well-being of children who identify as gender-fluid, transgender, or gender queer.

I spent two pre-doctoral years at the California Pacific Medical Center. My work there was highly focused on trauma, grief, and loss. I completed my post-doctoral training at the Prevention and Recovery of Early Psychosis program (PREP) and it's UCSF affiliate. Following my work with PREP I also worked at the UCSF Early Psychosis Clinic as well as the Prodrome Assessment Research Team (PART) providing research and support to transitional age youth with early onset psychosis.Throughout my clinical experience I have worked extensively with adults, adolescents, and individuals 65 and over. This has included individuals who have experienced early traumas including sexual and physical abuse, neglect, and unexpected losses. I have worked with adolescents and young adults with early onset psychosis. Additionally I have worked with children, adolescents, and adults exploring gender identity including those who identify as transgender, gender queer, and gender fluid.

Post -Graduate Training

EMDRIA approved Attachment Focused EMDR with Parnell Institute - 2018

Professional Skills in Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy - 2016

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy - Working with Affect Dysregulation, Survival Defenses, and Traumatic Memory - 2015